Eyelash extensions



  • NO eye makeup. Eye makeup can interfere with the adhesive bond and shorten the lifespan of your lash extensions, so it’s very important your natural lashes be as clean as possible. Makeup worn to your appointment will result in the added service of a Lash Bath & may take away time from your appointment.
  • Remove your contacts, if you wear them. I recommend my clients wear glasses the day of service. 
  • Wear comfortable clothing, a blanket will be provided should you get cold.
  • Refrain from consuming caffeine and stimulants before your appointment. These could prevent you from becoming still & relaxed.
  • Facials first, lashes last. Facial treatments must be preformed PRIOR to your lash appointment. 48 hours later you may resume facial treatments.


  • NO showers, steam, saunas, & or crying for 24 hours after appointment. 
  • NO oil-based eye products, creams on lash line or warterproof mascara.
  • NO eyelash curlers.
  • NO pulling, twisting, rubbing, picking at your eyelash extensions.
  • If you wish to remove your lashes, this should only be done by a trained professional. Preventing damage to your natural lashes. 
  • DO clean your eyelashes.  Personal hygiene is essential to  healthy  lashes!
  • DO brush your eyelashes when you wakeup & after you get them wet.
  • DO get a touch up every 2-4 weeks,  keeping them full & fluffy! 

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